Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Day in Northern MI

All the schools around us were closed yesterday,  the roads were not nice and the shop was really quiet so we got lots of kits cut and made some plans for upcomming events.  I guess its good to have some days like that just to keep up with things.  We did have some customers come in - we probably should have given them an award or something for braving the elements!  Schools are in today and the skies are supposed to be clear so my hope for Spring remains high!

I was on Minick and Simpson's web page yesterday ( and they have a beautiful quilt - Flying Free - that will be featured in the upcomming issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  I really like the look of this quilt and you can use your scraps to make it.  Might have to try this one! 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It Just Keeps Getting Better

We just found out that our quilt for Quilt Sampler Magazine will be on the cover of the May, 2011 issue.  We are so totally thrilled and overwhelmed - it just keeps getting better!  We have been so fortunate - our customers are the absolute best and are and have been so gracious and supportive - what a great job we have!

Deb was working yesterday and I made the comment to her that we have so much to do that I wish I had the energy to pull several "all nighters" and really get some things done.  However, in thinking about that I started wondering what those projects would look like when I finished with them.  I think it's probably better to work on projects with a clear head and for me that generally means morning.  So guess we will just keep working on things and getting them done as we can one project at a time.

I am still waiting on Mother Nature to catch up with the calendar.  We got some snow last night and a large majority of our surrounding schools are closed today - the grandkids are thrilled.  Hopefully this will be the last measureable snow for this season - I am so ready for Spring!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Did I say another day closer?

Just when I thought Spring was just around the corner I hear that we are expecting amost a foot of snow Tuesday/Wednesday!  But the good thing about that is that it won't stay long - hopfully!  Besides, snowing and blowing just gives us another reason to stay inside and stitch on a project.  So along with getting your milk and bread stocked get your thread, needles and sewing supplies ready.

At the shop on Saturday we had Ann Loveless teaching her Lakeside Collage quilt technique.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time and were learning lots.  Some even wished that the class would go for another hour or two.  Ann's work is beautiful and she inspires us to keep trying to make those beautiful landscape quilts!  Thanks Ann! 

We have been working hard at the shop trying to get all of the new fabric on our shelves.  We got some beautiful Amy Butler prints - Soul Blossom - and two of the vinyl covered fabrics.  We have lots of new stuff and will be working on some new samples for everyone to see.  Will take some pictures asap.  There always seems to be lots to do and not near enough time or energy!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Day closer

It's  7:30 am and the sun is starting to come up and it was light until after 8 last night so Spring is definitely getting closer.  I absolutely love having more daylight it just makes me feel better.  The sun is supposed to shine today lots and the temperature is on the rise - yea!

We are keeping busy at the shop - getting ready for lots of fun things coming up - Quilt Cruizine- May 3, vending at Mackinac Island - Mother's Day Weekend, Quilt Sampler Magazine (featuring our shop as one of the 10) - May 10 and Spring Quilt Market, Salt Lake City UT - May 11.  I think after the first two weeks in May we might need a vacation!  We are preparing lots of kits from the Charlevoix fabric line and others and trying to get our web site up to snuf adding all of the new fabric that just keeps arriving - our UPS and FEDEX  drivers love us! 

With all that has to be done, I better be getting to the shop - have a great day!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My First Installment for Hearts To Holly blog!

Well here goes - this is my first attempt at blogging - I thought I should jump into this century before it flies by like all of my days seem to.  As a brief introduction, I am the owner of Hearts To Holly Quilt Shop in Charlevoix MI.  I guess I should say that my husband and I are the owners -  that would definitely be more correct.  Mike and I opened the shop a little over 3 years ago and have been having a good time with it.  We have been very fortunate and have met some terrific people.  Our customers are great and it's been a lot of fun - hard work but fun!
Our town of Charlevoix is small - only about 3500 people in the winter - grows a bunch in the summer with all of our visitors - and is like living in a postcard.  We have Lake Michigan on the west and a large lake - Lake Charlevoix on the east with a small harbor connecting the two lakes.  Charlevoix is about an hour above Traverse City and about an hour south of Mackinaw City. 
Mike and I have four daughters - all of whom quilt and design and are so very creative.  They have been a real help to us in this quilting venture.  Two of our daughters, Val and Shelly, live in Las Vegas and Leslie and Emily live here in Charlevoix.  Val and Leslie are long arm quilters, Shelly is an art teacher and Emily works here at the shop.
Well I think I will call this my first blog for now.  Will be back soon - I always have lots to say!