Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shop Hop and more

Well here it is August 20th and I am just getting back to my blog.  We have been going 24/7 first trying to get ready for shop hop and then actually "doing" shop hop.  Today is the last day and we have had a lot of fun at the shop.  We have seen lots of quilters and have had some enjoyable conversations with them. We only do shop hop once a year which is probably a good thing because when the last Saturday rolls around we are all ready to sit with our feet up and relax for just a bit and this is that Saturday!

When a little one comes into the shop for the first time, we try to remember to give that future quilter a fat quarter to start their stash.  Here are two of those future quilters - aren't they cute?

Well guess I better head down to the shop.  Looking forward to seeing the shop hoppers!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun Time

We've been having a great time at Hearts To Holly.  This past week we had "Fright Night" and several of our quilters came in costume to give us all a little entertainment.  We had balloons that contained either a trick or a treat and each quilter got to choose a balloon, break it and find out if they were tricked or treated.  Those that were tricked were really good sports - some had to sing a song before getting their % discount, others had to skip thru the shop.  It was a really fun time.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Pictures coming soon!

We are also getting ready for Shop Hop and that always means a good time.  We get treats provided by Vivian as well as we get to see lots of our quilters.  We have some really good demos planned too.  And then the best is that we get to see our Wisconsin friends.  Nicci and Roxanne will be joining us this Thursday.  They help us with samples and just some really great ideas!   Can't wait to see them!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Beautiful Place

It's the beginning of August and here in Charlevoix it is an absolutely perfect place to be.  We are surrounded by water and beaches and the weather although a little hot and sticky has been giving us blue sky and lots of sun and beautiful sunsets!

This past week Shelly, one of our four daughters and one of two that lives in Las Vegas, has been visiting us and she went to Lavender Hill Farms to check it out.  Lavender Hill is just a couple of miles from us and is just beautiful right now.  They have lots of lavender varieties and make some really interesting things from the lavender - cookies, lemonade, soap, sachets, etc.  It is a great place to visit.

Things are really getting busy at the shop.  We are preparing for our annual Shop Hop which we do with five other quilt shops and it is getting close - less than two weeks away - and so much to do but we will get it done - I know I can I know I can!  Demos, quilts, new fabrics, new patterns and books - so much fun - can't wait!

So take care and happy quilting!