Friday, October 14, 2011

Mystery and more

Well we had our mystery class last weekend and we had lots of fun.  For those of you that have not participated in a mystery class before it really is a fun project.  There is some degree of trust needed in your quilt shop and instructor because you don't have any idea what your finished piece is going to look like but if you are willing to relinquish a little control, you can have a lot of fun and end up with a beautiful quilt!  We did a mystery quilt top using one of Debbie Caffrey's mystery projects and loved every minute of it.  Our oldest daughter, Val, from Las Vegas was our mystery instructor and along with all of her great tips not to mention her sense of humor everyone in the class had a wonderful time.  Val is teaching the mystery class at The Christmas Goose Quilt Shop in Las Vegas next weekend so I said I would only show one picture of the finished project so as not to spoil the mystery totally - so here is Val (center) along with two of the class participants holding up the finished quilt at our picinic celebrating the finish of the class -

Oh - its the picture of the back of the quilt - so I guess it is still a mystery - hope anyone that does a mystery class has as much fun as we did.  We will be having another mystery class so stay tuned!

This past weekend was a beautiful weekend for fall colors and we took advantage of it by doing a little color tour of our own - here is just one of the pictures we took!  Hope you all have a great weekend quilting or doing whatever makes you smile!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Each Day

Another beautiful day here in Charlevoix.  What a great run of good weather we are having and I will take another 3 months of this but I think Mother Nature may have something else in store for us so will just enjoy each day as it comes.

We (Hearts To Holly) will be celebrating our 4th anniversary next weekend.  Can hardly believe that it has been four years since we opened the shop - things have progressed quickly and we have grown from  having about 800 bolts of fabric when we opened to having over 2500 bolts now and we put them in every nook and cranny of the shop.  When people stop in they comment about having to look everywhere - every corner to see everything and it takes them ahile to go through the shop.  Don't you just love old houses?  They have so many corners that make things interesting!

Well enjoy today - make the most of it - live it to its fullest!  Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall At Its Best

Fall is here but we are getting a bit of Indian Summer this week and it has been absolutely beautiful!  Sunny days and crisp cool nights - what a great place we live in.  And we still have some roses!

Hearts To Holly is bustling with lots of good things - Mystery Weekend (October 7-9), 4th Anniversary Celebration (October 14-15) and so many great classes - Spicy Spiral Tablerunner, October's bag of the month, Sew Simple Pineapple (great technique - no special ruler), It's A Wrap, and many, many more.  If you don't get our newsletter that has all of the classes listed, go to and sign up.

We have started a new fun thing at the shop - Fat Quarter Lotta - buy a fat quarter, we put your name and phone number on it, wrap it up and put it in our Fat Quarter jar.  When the jar is full, we will pull out one lucky fat quarter and the winner will get all of the fat quarters int he jar.  We don't know how many fat quarters will fit in the jar but think it will be close to 100 - just imagine getting 100 fat quarters (25 yards of fabric) for just the cost of one fat quarter.  Do you feel lucky?

Well guess that is it for now - hope to see you at the shop - in the interim - Happy Quilting!