Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Different Path

When traveling to one place or another, there are generally different routes you can take to get to the same place.  Well the same thing is true with quilting - there are different techniques you can use to get the same result.  And as we all progress we are finding methods to do things that are really different than how they were done - even just a few years ago - but then that's the fun and the intrigue of quilting!

One of these techniques/methods is for the half square triangle.  If you don't like marking your squares down the center, sewing on either side of the line and then cutting here is another method for you:

To make 4 Half Square Triangles: 

1.  Take two squares of fabric (I used a 6 1/2 inch square but you can use whatever size you like depending on the size block you want) - one light & one dark so you have some contrast

 2.  Put them together - pretty side to pretty side - making sure all edges are lined up.

3.  Then just sew a quarter inch seam from the edge - all around the square.

4.  When finsihed sewing, just slice it on the diagonal twice and you end up with four half square triangles.

5.  Now you can arrange however you would like - makes a great pinwheel!

So have some fun and try things using a different path/method!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What A Class!

Last night at the shop we had a class with beginning sewers.  What a great class!  Joy Halverson is the instructor and she worked with the 5 attendees as they chatted about their week.  They were working with knit fabrics - something that H2H does not carry but something that as "sewers" they probably will be using.  Anyway they learned how to make and sew on ribbing as well as other processes and they all completed a great little sleep sack that they can use either for their own little ones or for a baby gift.  I neglected to take my camera which was really a bad thing because I would have loved to show you all pictures of their projects!  These 5 "beginners" are so enthusiastic and can't wait to learn "everything"!  As they come in the door they are thinking about what they want to learn the next week  - way to go!  You could just see their minds working - exploding with ideas.  Hope this very encouraging and enthusiastic class continues to expand theirs and our experiences!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy January!

Can you believe this weather?  We have had more spring like weather lately than we had last Spring!  Well,  no, probably not but it sure has been nice.  I think even the birds and squirels are a little confused.  They sure have been chirping.  It's supposed to change though - snow is on its way but at least we are not supposed to get 15 - 18 feet of snow like they did in Alaska!  I guess it is winter after all isn't it?  So while the snow is falling tomorrow and the next day hopefully we all have at least one project that we can work on - anyone have more than one project or UFO?  UFO's seem to be the topic right now but then it is probably the time of the year when we think about cleaning out, paring down and finishing things.  And I am right there with you - I really want to finish some things - get some things wrapped up and move on to something new.  Here's wishing us time and energy to complete our projects in 2012.

Em is having a birthday next week and we (Hearts To Holly) are going to help her celebrate by having a birthday sale Saturday, January 14 and Monday, January 16 (her actual birthday).  Should be lots of fun and a good time for all.  Stay tuned for more info - gotta go - so Happy Quilting!