Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun Time

We've been having a great time at Hearts To Holly.  This past week we had "Fright Night" and several of our quilters came in costume to give us all a little entertainment.  We had balloons that contained either a trick or a treat and each quilter got to choose a balloon, break it and find out if they were tricked or treated.  Those that were tricked were really good sports - some had to sing a song before getting their % discount, others had to skip thru the shop.  It was a really fun time.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Pictures coming soon!

We are also getting ready for Shop Hop and that always means a good time.  We get treats provided by Vivian as well as we get to see lots of our quilters.  We have some really good demos planned too.  And then the best is that we get to see our Wisconsin friends.  Nicci and Roxanne will be joining us this Thursday.  They help us with samples and just some really great ideas!   Can't wait to see them!

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