Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well Spring was here....

Living in northern Michigan certainly does pose a challenge when thinking about how to dress each morning - yesterday going in to work it was so nice and warm - I wore a light shirt - no jacket and was comfortable.  Last night leaving work I was shivvering because the temperature was down about 30 degrees from the morning and the wind - oh the wind made it feel so much colder!  Today I think I will be wearing a sweater and loving it!  Supposed to be a bit chilly today but we know that Spring will be back soon so don't lose hope - those beautiful blossoming trees and flowers are a sure sign that good things are coming!

A few days ago at the shop, we had a young lady come in with a project she had finished.  Maddy is enjoying sewing and being mentored by her "adopted" grandma who is a beautiful quilter and just all around good person.   What a great idea to take a young person under your wing and introduce them to a wonderful and satisfying craft/hobby.  You could be the inspiration that is needed for the next great quilter, fabric designer, author - who knows -- but with your help it is possible!

Happy Quilting!  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring is here

April 13 - anyone superstitious?  For me it is a great day - the sun is shinning, the trees are blooming - everything looks fresh and new.  Spring is arriving here in Charlevoix and it is about 2 - 3 weeks earlier than usual!  Yea!  There is absolutely nothing prettier than spring - well maybe summer with the green, or fall with the beautiful colors or a winter night with snow glistening - we live in a great world!

Last night at our local guild meeting, Laurie Simpson of Minick and Simpson, spoke and did a trunk show of her beautiful quilts.  What a treat that was.  Laurie is such a wonderful quilter - she has been quilting for 40 years - and the experience shows!  It was a great evening.  Laurie will be doing some classes for us in July and we are all looking forward to it.

Hearts To Holly (along with three other shops) is gearing up for the annual quilt cruizine - what a fun time that is - ride on a comfortable bus and get driven around beautiful northern Michigan to some great quilt shops, get fed some scrumptious meals and see some wonderful demos and trunk shows.  It's a quilter's dream!  Our staff is preparing and is sure to provide a great time!

Have a great weekend - take time to enjoy Spring!