Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well Spring was here....

Living in northern Michigan certainly does pose a challenge when thinking about how to dress each morning - yesterday going in to work it was so nice and warm - I wore a light shirt - no jacket and was comfortable.  Last night leaving work I was shivvering because the temperature was down about 30 degrees from the morning and the wind - oh the wind made it feel so much colder!  Today I think I will be wearing a sweater and loving it!  Supposed to be a bit chilly today but we know that Spring will be back soon so don't lose hope - those beautiful blossoming trees and flowers are a sure sign that good things are coming!

A few days ago at the shop, we had a young lady come in with a project she had finished.  Maddy is enjoying sewing and being mentored by her "adopted" grandma who is a beautiful quilter and just all around good person.   What a great idea to take a young person under your wing and introduce them to a wonderful and satisfying craft/hobby.  You could be the inspiration that is needed for the next great quilter, fabric designer, author - who knows -- but with your help it is possible!

Happy Quilting!  

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