Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good morning all!  We - (Hearts To Holly aka Mike and Sue) went to the UP of Michigan this past weekend and it was like taking a step back and taking in some absolutely beautiful scenery.  We were actually supposed to be working - vending at a quilt retreat co-hosted by Carolyn Hubbard and Sandy Carruthers.  There were about 60 quilters for the weekend.  They came in on Friday afternoon/evening and most departed Monday morning after brunch although some had to leave on Sunday because of work, etc.  The retreat was held just east of Cedarville at Cedar Campus in a beautiful lodge surrounded by Lake Huron on one side and woods on the other.  Cabins of various sizes decorated the landscape surrounding the lodge.  The mornings were crisp and the days filled with warming sunshine that bounced off the beautiful red and yellow leaves and sparkled like diamonds on the water.  Evenings were lit with the glowing moon and candles floating on the water.  The creativity of the quilters, the sharing that took place and the feeling of community spread in and around the entire facility and kept smiles on faces 24/7.  So was it work - I don't think I could call it that by any stretch of the imagination! 

Sunday evening we all went down to the lake and sent off candles in their own little "boats" that carried our thoughts, our hopes, our prayers on the subtle waves of Lake Huron with the full moon watching from its perch over the trees.

My wish for each of you is that you all get to experience a retreat such as this at least once but once a year would be even better!

Happy Quilting!

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