Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It Just Keeps Getting Better

We just found out that our quilt for Quilt Sampler Magazine will be on the cover of the May, 2011 issue.  We are so totally thrilled and overwhelmed - it just keeps getting better!  We have been so fortunate - our customers are the absolute best and are and have been so gracious and supportive - what a great job we have!

Deb was working yesterday and I made the comment to her that we have so much to do that I wish I had the energy to pull several "all nighters" and really get some things done.  However, in thinking about that I started wondering what those projects would look like when I finished with them.  I think it's probably better to work on projects with a clear head and for me that generally means morning.  So guess we will just keep working on things and getting them done as we can one project at a time.

I am still waiting on Mother Nature to catch up with the calendar.  We got some snow last night and a large majority of our surrounding schools are closed today - the grandkids are thrilled.  Hopefully this will be the last measureable snow for this season - I am so ready for Spring!

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