Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After the busy-i-ness

Have things settled down for all of you?  It seems we are still busy doing lots of things with family and friends and that's good - it's fun and enjoyable to see everyone and I really like that the "season" is extended to just more than one day!  Anyway I did the drawing for the third give away - the $50 gift card - and the winner is Heather!  Congratulations, Heather.  Let me know if you want to pick up your gift card or if you would like me to mail it to you - whatever works for you.

Thank you everyone for participating in our give aways and signing up on our blog.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to try to make the blog more fun - more informative for everyone so let's see how I do!

The shop is closed today - we are in the middle of moving some "stuff" around. So we will be at the shop but still trying to make things fit into place - we had some fabric upstairs at the shop that we decided to move downstairs where I could see it and actually be more aware of what we have.  The stairs at the shop are narrow and steep and I did not venture up there very often - it was more Mike's domain so when we put fabric up there it was kind of like out of sight out of mind and now it is all in our classroom and we will be busy for a bit putting it in order.  Wish us luck!

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