Monday, December 19, 2011

New title - new year

Forget to mentin in my last comment that I changed the title of our blog from just Hearts To Holly to Heart Strings..  Our Moda salesperson visited last week and asked what our blog was called. When I told him Hearts To Holly he said "oh - you need to name it something catchy" Being new to blogging, I had not thought about naming the blog something other than Hearts To Holly but since Mark's comments, I have been thinking about a name.  I don't know if Heart Strings is catchy or not but after I was finished sewing yesterday I was covered in strings so thought that's it - Heart Strings.   Our quilts are all made with love and we always have strings of fabric covering us - I am always picking them off of my clothes - even at Church - so to me it makes sense - catchy or not. 

For our third give away, rules are changing a little bit - 1.  post a comment to Heart Strings and you will be entered into the drawing and 2.  if you get a friend to join the blog and post a comment, you will be entered into the drawing a second time.  Just have the friend state that they joined at your invitation in their comment.  So then they will be entered into the drawing and you get your second entry.

Our third give away is - oh that's right I have to take a picture - will post it soon ----


  1. How fun it is ti be part of this wonderful group of people. Merry Christmas, Vera Keie

  2. Hi Sue,

    I love your new name. Heartstrings is catchy and appropriate.
    Merry Christmas!

    Sue D

  3. I'm a new visitor to Hearts to Holly and this blog, Heart Strings. I've just decided that my New Year's resolution for 1012 will be to make more time for myself and do what I enjoy most...sewing and quilting.

    Maryann S.