Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

One of our customers told us about a great block - the disappearing four patch.  It is a fun and easy block that looks really great! 

We started with charm squares and made a four patch using two lights and two dark charms. After sewing them together to get the four patch, press and lay on a cutting mat that you will be able to turn.  Measure from the center seam - we measured 1 1/2 inches from the center - you can measure any increment that you want - and cut, then turn the mat (don't move the block once you start cutting), measure from the center seam - same distance - and cut.  Continue until you have made four cuts from the center seam - one on each side.

You now have nine squares that you can arrange in any format you would like and sew together.  This is what we did with ours -

 Isn't it a great looking block? Think of all the possibilities!

Christmas is just a few weeks away and in the spirit of giving, we will have three give aways - one on  December 10, December 17 and December 24.  Just post a comment during the week before the give away date and you will be entered into our drawing.  Our prize for December 10 will be a snap sack kit for the wall quilt pictured above.  The snap sacks are complete - everything you need to finish this project is included.  So don't delay - post your comment today! 

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