Saturday, December 3, 2011

Better and Better

We (Hearts To Holly, Delphine's Quilt Shop and Cousin's Quilt Shop) are currently hosting our first Demo Daze and it has been really well received.  We are giving some great demos - some really fun, easy and quick gift ideas that can be sewn up well before Christmas. 

Some of the things we are showing are the Ten Minute Tablerunner - we actually call it the 15 Minute Tablerunner because we have added a small strip to each side to perk it up a little bit, the 20 Minute Pillowcase, East Mitered Placemats, Napkins that fold into a beautiful tree shape - really pretty - and coasters.  You can make a beautiful tablescape with all of these items (20 Minute Pillowcase shortened and used as a chair cover) - what great ideas!

So we have been busy and are enjoying seeing our quilters while they are out shopping and enjoying the festive Holiday atmosphere.  Mother Nature has even blessed us with great weather to be out and about. It has been good!

Next week we have some more goodies planned so be sure to stay tuned and if you don't get our newsletter, you can subscribe at

Have a great weekend!

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